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LED Lighting - Wholesale & Distribution

Kellwood's LED lighting division aren't quite like any lighting supplier your organisation has used used previously. Our proven success in suppyling some of the largest specialist lighting wholesalers in the UK is based on a professional combination of technical knowledge and fast-reaction times. Kellwood know how the quality-driven wholesale market works. It's for this reason that buying and distrubuting our product range is as easy as it should be.


LED Products That Outperform & Undercut

The mid-upper end of the British commercial and industrial lighting markets is dominated by a relatively small number of well-known brands. This is even more true of the hazardous area lighting market. The outcome of this trend is that lighting products in these sectors are not always good value. Kellwood's lighting division sells itself as the most competitive, quality-driven option. Give us an LED lighting product spec sheet for any product, Kellwood are rarely unable to offer an alternative of equal or superior technical capability and quality for a lower price.


led products that outperform and undercut

Quality Documentation

Kellwood's lighting documentation must be better than our competition if we are to succeed. Our philosophy is, the fewer questions our clients need to ask us after reading our paperwork, the better we are doing.

  • LED lighting product specification sheets
  • LED product component part specifications
  • Specialist product accreditations like ATEX, IECeX, ENEC, & TUV


quality doc

Stocked Hardware

Kellwood's LED Lighting hold stock of our most popular product lines here in the UK. If a client is interested in our stocking a specific product for slow roll-outs, this can be arranged.


stocked hardware


Kellwood can provide competitive pricing for almost any commercial, industrial, or hazardous area project lighting requirement, however the volume driven nature of our pricing means that it is in mid-large scale projects where this becomes most apparent. Kellwood work closely with our manufacturing partners to offer our clients technically advanced products at excellent prices. We aim to make our customers' lives as easy as possible and usually return straightforward product quotes within 24 hours.



competitive pricing

Planned Logistics

Another of our in-house services, Kellwood manage the delivery of all shipments to reduce project costing wherever possible. Sales support doesn't stop once a project is won. Kellwood's lighting division have protocols in place to ensure clients know the status of bulk and couriered shipments and expected delivery windows. You shouldn't need to ask us where your products are.


planned logistics

Specialist Product Sourcing & Development

Kellwood have proven track record in delivering LED lighting solutions to projects that others couldn't handle. Given a set of parameters and a budget, we can design a bespoke LED lighting solution for your project. Previously, Kellwood have developed specialist inspection lighting for the automotive industry, inspection and circulation solutions for the nuclear sector, and high temperature LED lighting solutions for industrial ovens and testing facilities. Critically, we can also do it quickly and competitively.


specialist product sourcing


Kellwood's LED Lighting division offers a carefully-managed sale-or-return sample policy. If your clients want to see products prior to purchase, this can be easily arranged.



Lighting Design

If you need lighting designs completed, send us either project area dimensions or CAD drawings and we'll turn it around for you in minimal time.


lighting design

Site & Branch Visitation

Kellwood can send technical representatives to meet you and your clients in person if required.


on site visitation
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