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Turnkey Lighting Solutions For End Users

Kellwood's lighting division offers a comprehensive range of lighting services for the commercial, industrial, and hazardous-area sectors. Whether you are responsible for a 24-hour factory or an office block, Kellwood's project team have the experience to deliver the best-value lighting solution for your budget.


Who Are Kellwood Lighting?

The Kellwood Group, Kellwood Engineering, Kellwood Electrical, and Kellwood Lighting, are trading names of Kellwood Engineering Ltd. (est 1985). By deciding to work with Kellwood's lighting division, you get the benefit of over 30 years of engineering and electrical-contracting experience. Ambition, professional pride, and consistent customer-service, are the reasons behind the Kellwood Group's continued success.


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The Most Competitive, Quality-Driven Lighting Solutions

Kellwood Lighting work directly with a range of OEM partners to constantly improve our lighting range. We visit our factory partners regularly to ensure production standards are upheld. We take an active involvement in designing and developing our product range. As a result, Kellwood know exactly what's going into our light fittings and the associated performance characteristics. We are also able to work with our sister engineering division for manufacture of customised bracketry when required.

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Initial Budgeting Feedback

During early discussions the same question crops up unsurprisingly often - 'so how much will this cost'? Before a project goes anywhere, Kellwood's lighting division will try to answer this question in one of two ways.

  • Lighting designs - If you can produce scaled building plans for us, Kellwood's lighting designers can use advanced software to model your project area in 3D. We then input electronic versions of our light fittings and quickly identify the quantity and type of light fitting required to illuminate the given area. From this we can supply initial project costings. Kellwood can also work on dimensions as supplied by the client.
  • Wattage-for-wattage forecast - While we try to avoid it, due to lower precision than lighting designs, Kellwood can advise our clients from previous experience. For example we know our 120W Hamilton Series LED High Bays can usually be used to replace a 400W traditional metal halide fitting. Kellwood can generate initial quotations using this method.

Assuming initial feedback is positively recieved, Kellwood can then organise site visits or deliver sample products to site.


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On-Site Consultancy

Following intial quotations and project feedback, Kellwood can organise for one of our project team to visit site to discuss your lighting project. Site visitations allow us to assess a wide variety of factors and ensure that your lighting project is carried out with minimal disruption and reduces the chance of unexpected additional costs.

  • Intelligent control suitability for increased energy savings
  • Access requirements and challenges
  • Existing light level surveys
  • Assessment of existing electrical infrastructure


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Energy Feedback Documentation

Kellwood know that all decisions in business must be justified financially. Investing in LED lighting offers significant savings to your organisation's operational overheads. Such lighting energy savings can be forecast and presented in a variety of formats to help present the commercial case for choosing to invest with Kellwood. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of our commercial modelling services.


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Lighting Design

Kellwood's lighting designers use 3D modelling software and electronic versions of our products to simulate project environments. Through lighting designs, Kellwood's clients can visualise, prior to purchasing any hardware, how a potential lighting solution would perform. The key aspects are lux levels and light uniformity.

Lighting designs are a vital component of the quality-driven lighting industry. They allow customers to compare the light levels from potential suppliers - and can provide verification of technical claims made on spec sheets. If you have large fitting quantities or long operating hours, the potential cost increase of a more efficient lighting solution can very quickly be made back through reduced running costs.

Kellwood's heavily experienced lighting desginers work to the latest CIBSE guidelines, industry-specific (for example Sport England), and other European-recognised standards, dependent on project and sector.


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Kellwood operate a sale-or-return sample policy so clients can recieve and inspect example hardware prior to puchasing complete solutions. In summary, so long as our sample LED light fittings are returned to us in as-new condition within a predetermined trial period, a sample is free.



Optional Installation Service

The nature of largescale and established businesses is that they often have preferred electricians or embedded facilities management personnel operating on-site. While Kellwood are adept at building our skillset into larger frameworks, we are equally happy to manage projects completely in-house, from design, to supply, to installation.

Whether you'd like to use Kellwood for product supply, consultancy or if you'd like to use our electrical installers, just let us know how we need to operate.


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LED Lighting Project Guidance

Every client is different regarding the level of involvement required from Kellwood's team in their lighting project. Sometimes our consultants are given a brief and asked to deisgn and price a turnkey solution along with all supporting documetation. At other times, we are simply given a budget and asked to produce the most efficient solution for the stated investment.


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