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Facilities Management Integrated Lighting Services

One of the key aspects of effective facilities management is the selection of suppliers for your end-user. Your choice of supplier directly reflects you in the eyes of the end-user. At the same time, finding self-sufficiency and professionalism in a potential supplier without paying a premium is difficult. Kellwood have worked successfully for FM companies like Carillion and Skanska for the following reasons:


Minimised Workloads

Kellwood try to identify as quickly as possible how much support the FM client wants from us -

  • Minimal - Kellwood offer advice only initially, guiding our client roughly towards lighting product ranges and supporting documentation, as appropriate to project.
  • Moderate - Kellwood take a more hands-on approach. We present a number of workable options to the client in as accessible a manner as we can. We leave the client to select the right option for them.
  • Maximum - Kellwood act as consultants on the FM's behalf. We embrace this manner of approach. We try to get a thorough idea of the end user's budget and aspirations. We then present one option which offers best value for the client and end-user.


minimised workloads

Good Quality Lighting Products

Kellwood's philosophy in developing our LED lighting product range is very simple - Outperform the middle to high-end markets technically without paying the premiums associated with established brands. Kellwood embrace going head-to-head with the biggest names in the lighting industry. By applying our philosophy, Kellwood can minimise project payback periods meaning our FM clients can justify project outlay more easily. Given LED lighting systems can be expected to last for over a decade and need miminal maintenance, this is a good thing for FM personnel.


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Comprehensive Documentation

Kellwood are well experienced in generating energy feedback and forecasting documentation for pontential clients. Kellwood can re-brand our papwerwork with your facilities management company's logos and livery. This gives our FM clients more time to get on with looking after the property at hand. Kellwood's energy payback summaries take into account the following -

  • Supply of products
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Energy price rises
  • Working hours
  • ECA savings


comprehensive documentation

Lighting Design Services

A key aspect of lighting supply is the generation of lighting designs. 'Lighting design' refers to the 3D modelling of rooms or open areas based on their dimensions. These areas then have electronic versions of Kellwood's light fittings dropped into them. This allows Kellwood's clients to see how effective lighting hardware is theoretically before they considering investing in it.

From a lighting suppliers' perspective, lighting design allows the more quality-driven providers like Kellwood to demonstrate that through an intelligent combination of efficient products and specialist optics, overall project power loads can be reduced without sacrificing results.

While some of Kellwood's FM clients often complete lighting design work in-house (all our products' photometric files are available for download), Kelwood's own designers are on-hand and happy to help. We design to CIBSE and industry-specific standards while taking into account additional project requirements or constraints.


lighting design

Lighting Product Samples

Kellwood's lighting division offer a professionally-managed sample trial policy. Kellwood can deliver samples to a clients project site if requested. As long as the unit(s) return to us in as-new condition,original packaging, and within the pre-agreed timeframe, the sample will be free of charge.



Optional Installation Service

If your organisation requires it, Kellwood's lighting consultants can organise and provide installation quotes and services via our sister division, Kellwood Electrical. Kellwood Electrical have been contracting for over thirty years with projects from London to Aberdeen. They and can draw on a vast range of industry experience to ensure your lighting project is completed to the highest standards.


optional installation service

Indicative Pricing

The nature of facilities management is to allocate time and resources to the projects that are the easiest to implement and offer the fastest paybacks. With this in mind, Kellwood can help you decide whether you want to pursue a lighting project. We can provide very quick budgeting quotations based on either -

  • BOQs - If you know how many, and what kind of lighting your currently have running in your facility, Kellwood will be able to provide rough budgeting costs in less than 24 hours.
  • CAD buidling plans (PDF/DWG/DXF) - Kellwood's preferred method of working is to assess the architectural plans of a particular facility or site and generate quotes directly from them.


competitive pricing

Site Visitation

If you need on-site expertise, Kellwood can arrange to meet you and your clients in person. We take pride in our industry knowledge and presentation skills. Let us know when and where you need us.


on site visit
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