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LED Lighting for Hospitals and the Healthcare Sector

LED Lighting for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Healthcare facilities typically have some of the most complex lighting requirements found in any sector. Operating theatres and examination rooms must have high light levels and good colour rendering whilst ensuring glare is not an issue for medical staff. Hygiene is of the utmost importance and fixtures must be reliable and easy to clean.

In most healthcare facilities, gradual expansion and refurbishment over time means that there can be a wide variety of fitting and lamp specifications which can make maintenance costly and inefficient. Any LED Lighting upgrade should seek to minimise product variation as one of the primary aims. A higher colour temperature should be considered to create a bright and clean aesthetic.

Kellwood's consultants will work with you to ensure that the optimum balance is struck between meeting technical requirements and minimising product variation. All specifications can be fine-tuned by our in-house lighting design team to ensure the correct lux levels. We will also investigate the feasibility of smart controls to maximise energy savings according to your budget - enabling fast payback for Salix or other funding schemes.


LED Lighting for Hospitals


What Kellwood Offers Healthcare

  • Large energy saving potential
  • Minimised Energy and Maintenance costs
  • Variety of suitable products
  • Optional Intelligent controls
  • Optional Installation

To get an idea of the type of projects Kellwood LED Lighting typically get involved in, please see our case studies page for a range of previous work.

Lighting design for hospitals and healthcare


Typical Products of Interest

  • IP65 Corrosion Resistant luminaires
  • High Efficacy Ceiling Panels
  • Daylight and Occupancy Sensors
  • Circular Bulkhead Lights
  • High Efficacy Downlights

For more information on our products and services, including bespoke product sourcing, please contact us to discuss your project.



Mackenzie Series - General-Usage LED PanelsMackenzie Series - General-Usage LED PanelsEmergency

Mackenzie Series - General-Usage LED Panels

Mitchell Series - Ingress-Protected LED PanelsMitchell Series - Ingress-Protected LED PanelsEmergency

Mitchell Series - Ingress-Protected LED Panels

Matlock Series - Budget-Concious LED PanelsMatlock Series - Budget-Concious LED PanelsEmergency

Matlock Series - Budget-Concious LED Panels

Maxwell Series - Architectural LED Ceiling PanelsMaxwell Series - Architectural LED Ceiling PanelsNew

Maxwell Series - Architectural LED Ceiling Panels

Commercial Linear

Broadwood Series - Recessed 'Infinity' LinearBroadwood Series - Recessed 'Infinity' LinearEmergency

Broadwood Series - Recessed 'Infinity' Linear

Blackwell Series - Direct-Indirect LightBlackwell Series - Direct-Indirect LightNew

Blackwell Series - Direct-Indirect Light


Wilson Series - General-Usage LED DownlightsWilson Series - General-Usage LED DownlightsEmergency

Wilson Series - General-Usage LED Downlights

Wishart Series - Ingress-Protected LED DownlightsWishart Series - Ingress-Protected LED DownlightsEmergency

Wishart Series - Ingress-Protected LED Downlights

Waverley Series - General-Usage LED Spot LightsWaverley Series - General-Usage LED Spot LightsEmergency

Waverley Series - General-Usage LED Spot Lights

Whitelaw Series - IP65 DownlightsWhitelaw Series - IP65 DownlightsNew

Whitelaw Series - IP65 Downlights


Paterson Series - Budget-Concious LED BulkheadsPaterson Series - Budget-Concious LED BulkheadsEmergency

Paterson Series - Budget-Concious LED Bulkheads

Dedicated Emergency

Edwards Series - General-Usage Emergency LED BulkheadsEdwards Series - General-Usage Emergency LED Bulkheads

Edwards Series - General-Usage Emergency LED Bulkheads

Elphinstone Series - Single-Sided Emergency LED Exit SignsElphinstone Series - Single-Sided Emergency LED Exit Signs

Elphinstone Series - Single-Sided Emergency LED Exit Signs

Ewing Series - Double-Sided Emergency LED Exit SignsEwing Series - Double-Sided Emergency LED Exit Signs

Ewing Series - Double-Sided Emergency LED Exit Signs

Emergency PacksEmergency Packs

Emergency Packs

Ellis Series - Emergency Spot LightEllis Series - Emergency Spot LightNew

Ellis Series - Emergency Spot Light

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Case StudiesCase Studies

Case Studies

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