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With large numbers of fittings and high maintenance costs, the Education sector can find enormous reductions in energy expenditure by upgrading to LED lighting. Older facilities can often feature a high degree of variation of product styles and wattages. Not only can this be less than pleasing aesthetically, it makes maintenance more difficult and expensive.

Kellwood offer a range of high quality lighting solutions (both internal and external) suitable for educational facilities, whether they are primary schools, secondary schools, academies, colleges, or universities. With often excellent ambient lighting, and varied usage patterns, Kellwood's lighting consultants and design team will work with you to determine the suitability of intelligent controls to minimise the energy consumption of your new LED lighting installation whilst ensuring the optimum light levels for each area.

Whilst functionality and reliability are our most important parameters, Kellwood will aim to ensure the lighting system we deliver will make your campus look bright and modern to help create an environment conducive to learning and give students pride in their institution.



What Kellwood Offers Education

  • Large reduction in energy costs
  • Financial and energy modelling
  • Careful product specification
  • Intelligent controls to maximise efficiency
  • Elimination of re-lamping maintenance

To find out more about how Kellwood's lighting products could help reduce your energy bills and improve your learning environment, see our case studies page for a broad range of successful installations.

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Typical Products of Interest

  • High Efficacy Panels
  • Dust/Waterproof Linear Lights
  • Circular Bulkheads
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Daylight Harvesting Sensors

Most educational lighting requirements can be met with our standard product range - should you require a bespoke product service, please contact us to discuss your project brief.


Bay Light

Hume Series - Commercial Area LED High BaysHume Series - Commercial Area LED High Bays

Hume Series - Commercial Area LED High Bays

Industrial Linear

Nitsch Series - Multi-Functional Industrial LinearNitsch Series - Multi-Functional Industrial LinearEmergency

Nitsch Series - Multi-Functional Industrial Linear

Bowden Series - High-Output Industrial LinearBowden Series - High-Output Industrial LinearEmergency

Bowden Series - High-Output Industrial Linear


Mackenzie Series - General-Usage LED PanelsMackenzie Series - General-Usage LED PanelsEmergency

Mackenzie Series - General-Usage LED Panels

Mitchell Series - Ingress-Protected LED PanelsMitchell Series - Ingress-Protected LED PanelsEmergency

Mitchell Series - Ingress-Protected LED Panels

Matlock Series - Budget-Concious LED PanelsMatlock Series - Budget-Concious LED PanelsEmergency

Matlock Series - Budget-Concious LED Panels

Maxwell Series - Architectural LED Ceiling PanelsMaxwell Series - Architectural LED Ceiling PanelsNew

Maxwell Series - Architectural LED Ceiling Panels

Commercial Linear

Executive Series - General-Usage Batten FittingsExecutive Series - General-Usage Batten FittingsEmergency

Executive Series - General-Usage Batten Fittings

Boswell Series - Suspended 'Infinity' Linear Boswell Series - Suspended 'Infinity' Linear Emergency

Boswell Series - Suspended 'Infinity' Linear

Broadwood Series - Recessed 'Infinity' LinearBroadwood Series - Recessed 'Infinity' LinearEmergency

Broadwood Series - Recessed 'Infinity' Linear

Nicholson Series - General-Usage Batten FittingsNicholson Series - General-Usage Batten FittingsEmergency

Nicholson Series - General-Usage Batten Fittings

Blackwell Series - Direct-Indirect LightBlackwell Series - Direct-Indirect LightNew

Blackwell Series - Direct-Indirect Light


Wilson Series - General-Usage LED DownlightsWilson Series - General-Usage LED DownlightsEmergency

Wilson Series - General-Usage LED Downlights

Wishart Series - Ingress-Protected LED DownlightsWishart Series - Ingress-Protected LED DownlightsEmergency

Wishart Series - Ingress-Protected LED Downlights

Waverley Series - General-Usage LED Spot LightsWaverley Series - General-Usage LED Spot LightsEmergency

Waverley Series - General-Usage LED Spot Lights

Flood Light

Telford Series - Budget-Concious LED FloodlightsTelford Series - Budget-Concious LED Floodlights

Telford Series - Budget-Concious LED Floodlights


Paterson Series - Budget-Concious LED BulkheadsPaterson Series - Budget-Concious LED BulkheadsEmergency

Paterson Series - Budget-Concious LED Bulkheads

Dedicated Emergency

Edwards Series - General-Usage Emergency LED BulkheadsEdwards Series - General-Usage Emergency LED Bulkheads

Edwards Series - General-Usage Emergency LED Bulkheads

Elphinstone Series - Single-Sided Emergency LED Exit SignsElphinstone Series - Single-Sided Emergency LED Exit Signs

Elphinstone Series - Single-Sided Emergency LED Exit Signs

Ewing Series - Double-Sided Emergency LED Exit SignsEwing Series - Double-Sided Emergency LED Exit Signs

Ewing Series - Double-Sided Emergency LED Exit Signs

Emergency PacksEmergency Packs

Emergency Packs

Ellis Series - Emergency Spot LightEllis Series - Emergency Spot LightNew

Ellis Series - Emergency Spot Light

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Case StudiesCase Studies

Case Studies

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