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Kellwood Lighting, often working alongside our sister division Kellwood Electrical, distribute and optionally install high-quality lighting products throughout the UK and worldwide.

Kellwood LED Lighting are one of the UK's premier lighting design and consultancy services. From Aberdeen to London, Newcastle to Cardiff, Kellwood will facilitate your commercial and industrial lighting needs.

While the vast majority of our projects are largescale factories and warehouses you will see by following the link below that we can turn our hand to almost any commercial lighting project.

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'The Kellwood Groups lighting division have recently installed the lighting solution they designed for our new, premium, three-court basketball and netball facility. I have been managing the construction of this project for Barking Abbey School. Barking Abbey School is a specialist sports college with academies in football, basketball, netball, golf and judo. We nurture some of the finest sporting and academic talent in the country and are placed amongst the top 20% state-comprehensive schools in England. Barking Abbey was named State School of the Year in 2010 by School Sports Magazine and National Sports College of the Year in 2011 by the Daily Telegraph. Kellwood's commercial electrical and associated lighting solution was selected through our tendering process ahead of six other far more local contractors. They were more expensive than the average but having just received project hand-over I'm still fully convinced they were the only team involved who actually understood what was needed in the first place. Kellwood's lighting division designed a custom lighting solution to support county and national grade sport. They balanced all my own requirements and budget alongside offering their own clearly stated advice on industry and sporting standards. It got to a point where I really just said yes to whatever they suggested. Their supporting information's quality and willingness to help eventually led me to simply trust them unconditionally. The electrical teams who arrived on-site were friendly, worked to deadlines, and overall self-managed a complex installation including all our general electric's and lighting products in a manner that made a mockery of the fact they were operating 300 miles from the main office. Where others let us down, Kellwood did not and for that they have my thanks. I'll say this of Kellwood, when they say they can do something, they will move heaven and earth to make it happen. This is a company which professionally delivers.'

W. Coley
Barking Abbey School


'Begg & Co. have enjoyed 149 years in business as one of the UK's premier, luxury-textile manufacturers. Our products can only be as good as the quality of our supply chain and for this reason we are very careful in selecting new contractors or suppliers. Reputation is everything. Kellwood have been helping us manage our phased changeover to LED lighting for over a year now. I'm happy to provide this reference because I've been consistently pleased with their services. They regularly provide helpful guidance and excellent products regardless of the challenges I like to throw at them.'

H. Shimmons
Begg & co.

'Chemring Energetics mainly produce energetic materials for the defence industry and also produce energetic devices for safety systems aimed primarily for the automotive and aerospace sector. I was introduced to Kellwood through a global electrical wholesaler who has been supporting our business for a number of years. I wanted a new lighting system above-and-beyond your standard solution and needed guidance. Maintenance overheads had convinced me a smart-system would a) better reflect our facility usage, b) increase payback, and c) increase product lifetime. Kellwood designed our new DALI-controlled lighting array by taking into account our input and offering their own advice Feedback from all parties following phase one have been excellent. Yes, I would recommend Kellwood.'

T. Reid
Chemring Energetics (Chemring Group)


''Our new lights are installed throughout and have proved to be a great enhancement in Bunzl Greenham's offices, warehousing, and retail areas. Overall lighting costs are set to be reduced by almost 65%. Light levels have improved considerably. Kellwood offer a very competent service, service-for-price we found them to be excellent value for money.''

J. Smith
Bunzl Greenham


''The lights have been installed - very quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to our operations - and we are all very pleased with the result. I'm now looking forward to lower energy bills and a more contented, precise and productive workforce. Many thanks for making this such a smooth transaction (from exploratory enquiry through formal quotation to final installation)''

S. Mackay
North Sea Compactors


''Anglo American Oil Company supplies performance fuels and lubricants to the global motorsport industry as well as environmentally friendly fuels for the forest and garden machinery sector. We started a major expansion last year which included moving premises into a custom-built warehousing facility. The nature of our business means that flammable liquids are permanently stored on-site and a new explosion-proof lighting system was going to be required. Initially LED seemed to be the best option but after the first set of quotes came back I was seriously put off the idea. Having searched some more I then came across Kellwood, a bricks-and-mortar Scottish engineering group. Kellwood, more than anyone else I talked to, showed an interest in supplying exactly what I needed. I wanted open advice and I got it. I didn't want bells and whistles, I needed a lighting system that worked. I needed a supplier who was interested in offering me the level of service I would expect Anglo American to give our own clients. I'm more than satisfied, the installation looks fantastic.''

A. Hildebrand
Anglo American Oil Company Ltd.


"As a leading environmental charity, we are keen to practice what we preach and have been looking for some time to install LED lights in our warehouse. Although our main reasons for moving to LED lighting were reductions in our carbon footprint and energy bills, we have also seen a marked improvement in the working environment with areas of contrasting shadow and brightness being replaced by a comfortable, uniform level of light that has increased morale, safety and visibility. We are delighted to have chosen Kellwood as our installer. From design to installation they were extremely helpful, professional and economic. In particular, they scheduled and performed the installation extremely efficiently - enabling our warehouse operations to continue as normal throughout the entire programme. I have no hesitation in recommending Kellwood."

G. Farmer


'Every spend-to-save investment that Bridgend makes is assessed, reassessed, and then probably reassessed again... On this project we had to be convinced not only that LED technology had come of age but also that it was a preferable outlay to say a new heating system or solar panelling. Yes, it's an investment but the overall effect of LED lighting on our primary accident and repair centre has been phenomenal. I really mean that. I'm delighted with the refreshed forecast of our energy consumption and the look of the installation itself. There's no doubt Kellwood are good at what they do, I'd recommend them to anyone.'

J. Nixon
Bridgend Motor Group


'We are very satisfied with both the LED products supplied by Kellwood and the service we have received. After testing various LED panels we found they compare very well against other well-known manufacturers and have installed these units throughout one of our branches; these have made a marked improvement to the lighting which was previously fluorescent. We expect a significant reduction in electricity which is important to us as we are 14001 accredited and of course keen to manage our electricity consumption.Kellwood's insurance backed 5 year guarantee was a key factor in our decision to purchase, and the support we have received is excellent; our electrical contractors had a problem fitting one unit and without any hesitation another was delivered and the problem resolved very smoothly. Our project also benefitted from Kellwood's in-house technical expertise and we were provided with a detailed lighting specification. We certainly plan to use Kellwood LED Lighting again as they represent excellent value for money and we are more than happy with the quality of the products.'

A. Wood
Capital Document Solutions


''Greencroft invited the Kellwood Engineering Group (LED Division) to tender on our project because we wanted expertise and reliability. Their website indicated they were specialists and we weren't disappointed. My project area's commercial use had changed over time and before the install, the lighting system in place was expensive, gloomy, and badly positioned for both our machine lines and associated racking. Kellwood's technicians worked efficiently repositioning and upgrading, cooperating well with my own guys for access. Best of all, their self-sufficiency meant I was able to leave them to it. Everyone seems pleased with the new look. My concern in starting out was that LED as a technology was fairly new to me. As much as I was looking for a good price, I needed someone I could trust. Yes, I would recommend Kellwood.''

L. West
Greencroft Bottling, Lanchester Group


''I'm not embarrassed to say that Carillion know the (facilities management) industry inside and out. We are better than almost anyone in recognising which businesses will offer us a good service and those to avoid. A one-stop-shop including consultation, supply, and installation, Kellwood are a pleasure to work with. Behind a first impression of professionalism and wide industry knowledge there are two other elements: firstly an almost amusing level of enthusiasm for lighting and secondly, a genuine commitment to getting our project right from start to finish. Kellwood delivered reduced lighting costs and improved lux levels. Who'd ask for more? The facility looks great and additional areas have already been earmarked for upgrade.''

D. Curtis
Carillion PLC


''The Kellwood installation team have provided a very satisfactory service for us in the past few weeks. They arrive on site in good time, are courteous, hardworking, and are flexible in their having access to the installation areas. Our energy plant is undertaking an extensive refurbishment at the moment and LED lighting was unquestionably the most cost-effective option open to us. Our light levels have been upped considerably which is popular with our employees. We are also looking forward to not worrying about replacing failed bulbs again.''

L. Brotherton
RRS Dargavel


HMP Perth were very impressed by the professionalism and dedication of Kellwood LED Lighting during the recent upgrade of our lighting systems. The staffs at Kellwood were both knowledgeable and professional and the project was completed on time schedule and within budget. The overall service provided by the Kellwood team was exceptional and their products are proving a great enhancement to HMP Perth.

B. Davidson
The Scottish Prison Service


''The overriding success of contracts in my line of work relies upon effective time-management. Logoplaste undertook the logistical challenge of relocating our factory-infrastructure so we could better provide for one major client in the local area. If my contract team didn't meet schedule in completing projects, the knock-on effects for production would have been devastating. I hold contractors to high standards and I asked for the following during Kellwood's extended time on site: professionalism, efficiency, and value. I also expected good-humour when problems inevitably arose and a flexible, common-sense attitude in response. No-one will ever say this is something their company offers during tender but for me it makes the all the difference! Contractors who can fully integrate with Logoplaste staff, either by assisting with issues not necessarily within their remit or through asking for help when they need it instead of staying quiet, make my coming to work a pleasure instead of a chore! Kellwood's work ethic 'on the ground' showed the kind of commitment to meeting costs and time targets the value of which cannot always be measured. I'm more than pleased with the guys. I'd recommend them to anyone.''

G. Gray
Logoplaste UK Ltd.


''Kellwood were both knowledgeable and efficient at the tender stage of our lighting contract and helped guide us through the best options and prices available in the marketplace by supplying graphic evidence of the savings, providing lighting designs and comparing various types of fittings on site. The actual work was executed in a professional manner. I would not hesitate to use this contractor again and I am sure we will carry out a lot of business in future years.''

P. Nisbet
Wabtec Rail Ltd.


''I brought Kellwood LED Lighting on board to provide specialist expertise, experience, and installation skills. Their professional attitude and technical knowledge, combined with two highly competent electricians who arrived promptly on-site, meant the upgrade was completed very efficiently with as little disruption as possible to the leisure centre itself. This had been a primary concern for my client. The light levels are vastly improved and lighting energy usage has reduced dramatically.''

M. Stuckey
City of York Council, Lead Project Consultant


‘Having come from the facilities management industry to set up my own business in retail, I already knew how hard finding a reliable electrical contractor can be. We chose Kellwood primarily for their highly professional, and genuinely outstanding, one-stop-shop package. An on-site visit by a consultant who discussed and advised on the best lighting options available, was followed up with a written proposal that detailed our forecast ROI. It also provided us with a clear understanding of our project in terms of products, costs and warranties. Once awarded the contract, Kellwood sent up one of their 'in-house' install teams to undertake and complete the job overnight so I could open the following morning. All round, I'm extremely pleased, Kellwoods whole approach was very impressive and I would certainly recommend their services to other businesses.'

J. Howse
Spar Shop, Strathdon

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