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LED Lighting for the Public Sector

LED Lighting For The Public Sector

In the lighting industry "The Public Sector" is a term that is too broad to associate to one product type, service or application. However, public sector organistations all have common lighting requirements; ensuring a quality "future-proofed" solution, complying with regulations and offering value to the tax payer.

Kellwood LED have extensive experience in working with the public sector; including prisons, the NHS, local council buildings, care homes and schools. Kellwood's products and services offer a one-stop-shop for your lighting needs and support ISO 14001 environmental management policies. Kellwood's lighting designers work to CIBSE recommendations, including LG7 standards.

Public sector organisations already know of the financial benefits by making the switch to LED lighting, but they often also require accurate modelling of the savings to justify investment. Kellwood's team regularly provide facility managers, architects and environmental officers with thorough ROI modelling for SALIX or general bugetary needs.

Kellwood can also install optional intelligent lighting controls to selected product lines, with numerous dimming features such as occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and multi-step dimming.



What Kellwood Offers the Public Sector

  • Complying with lighting regulations
  • Supporting environmental management (ISO 14001)
  • Experience across a wide range of lighting applications
  • A one-stop consultancy and design service
  • ROI modelling and optional installation

From prisons to swimming pools, the NHS to local councils, Kellwood has experience in supporting a vast range of public sector organisations and projects. Browse our case studies to find out more.


swimming pool lighting design


Typical Products of Interest

  • Smart Controls
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Wide Aesthethic Product Range
  • Street and External Lighting
  • Flexible Options amd Accessories


Our comprehensive product range will almost certainly have the right product for you. Contact one of our team to discuss your requirements.


Bay Light

Architectural LED High BaysArchitectural LED High Bays

Architectural LED High Bays

T5 Replacement LED High BaysT5 Replacement LED High Bays

T5 Replacement LED High Bays


High Efficiency LED PanelsHigh Efficiency LED Panels

High Efficiency LED Panels

IP65 LED PanelIP65 LED Panel

IP65 LED Panel

Utility Ceiling PanelsUtility Ceiling Panels

Utility Ceiling Panels

Commercial Linear

Commercial LED Linear FittingsCommercial LED Linear Fittings

Commercial LED Linear Fittings

Infinity Linear LED LightsInfinity Linear LED Lights

Infinity Linear LED Lights

Premium T8 LED TubesPremium T8 LED Tubes

Premium T8 LED Tubes

Infinity Linear Lighting SystemInfinity Linear Lighting System

Infinity Linear Lighting System

Nicholson SeriesNicholson Series

Nicholson Series


Premium LED DownlightsPremium LED Downlights

Premium LED Downlights

Waterproof LED DownlightsWaterproof LED Downlights

Waterproof LED Downlights

Premium LED Spot LightsPremium LED Spot Lights

Premium LED Spot Lights

LED Gimbal DownlightLED Gimbal Downlight

LED Gimbal Downlight

Street Light

Multi-Purpose LED Street LightsMulti-Purpose LED Street Lights

Multi-Purpose LED Street Lights

Premium LED Street LightsPremium LED Street Lights

Premium LED Street Lights

Utility LED Street LightsUtility LED Street Lights

Utility LED Street Lights

High Mast

Premium LED Mast LightsPremium LED Mast Lights

Premium LED Mast Lights


Architectural Halo LED BulkheadsArchitectural Halo LED Bulkheads

Architectural Halo LED Bulkheads

Polycarbonate LED BulkheadsPolycarbonate LED Bulkheads

Polycarbonate LED Bulkheads

Premium LED Wall PacksPremium LED Wall Packs

Premium LED Wall Packs

Canopy Light

Multi-Purpose LED Canopy LightsMulti-Purpose LED Canopy Lights

Multi-Purpose LED Canopy Lights

Dedicated Emergency

High & Low Install Emergency Bulkhead LightHigh & Low Install Emergency Bulkhead Light

High & Low Install Emergency Bulkhead Light

Utility Emergency Bulkhead LightUtility Emergency Bulkhead Light

Utility Emergency Bulkhead Light

Single-Sided LED Emergency Exit SignSingle-Sided LED Emergency Exit Sign

Single-Sided LED Emergency Exit Sign

Multi-Purpose Emergency Bulkhead LightMulti-Purpose Emergency Bulkhead Light

Multi-Purpose Emergency Bulkhead Light

LED Bulkhead With High Light Output RatioLED Bulkhead With High Light Output Ratio

LED Bulkhead With High Light Output Ratio

Double-Sided LED Emergency Exit SignDouble-Sided LED Emergency Exit Sign

Double-Sided LED Emergency Exit Sign

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Case StudiesCase Studies

Case Studies

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