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LED Lighting for Agriculture

LED Lighting For Farming

The agricultural sector offers interesting challenges to middle and high-end lighting suppliers from both technical and economic standpoints. In a market dominated by budget luminaire options, better built but more expensive products need to clearly prove their added value.

Kellwood lend our skill and experience to each farm lighting project we work on. Sheds, barns, warehouses, dairy parlours, and animal husbandry units all have unique challenges. Kellwood offer a range of rugged LED light fittings for agriculture featuring ingress/impact/corrosion resistance and suitable for hot/cold/humid environments. .

Numerous studies have shown that well designed LED lighting installations, with optimised lux levels, can have beneficial effects on livestock yields and animal wellbeing. In this regard, upper market suppliers tend to be better value for money in the long run. Optional Intelligent controls can be worthwhile in the largest facilities, where the increased cost justifies itself many times over thorugh increased energy savings.



What Kellwood Offers Agriculture

  • Potentially increased livestock yields
  • Corrosion, moisture & impact resistant fittings
  • Minimised energy use through careful design
  • Optional Intelligent controls
  • Proven experience

Please see our case studies page for examples of a range of previous Kellwood LED Lighting Installations.

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Typical Products of Interest

  • Polycarbonate Vapour-Proofs
  • Utility High Bays
  • Multi-purpose High Bay/Floodlights
  • Wide Angle Optic lenses
  • Lighting Design Service

Please contact us to discuss large scale commercial grow-lighting or for bespoke product requirements.


Bay Light

Circular LED High BaysCircular LED High Bays

Circular LED High Bays

Multi-Purpose LED High BaysMulti-Purpose LED High Bays

Multi-Purpose LED High Bays

Industrial Linear

Premium LED Batten FittingsPremium LED Batten Fittings

Premium LED Batten Fittings

IP65 Linear Vapour ProofIP65 Linear Vapour Proof

IP65 Linear Vapour Proof

Flood Light

Multi-Purpose LED FloodlightsMulti-Purpose LED Floodlights

Multi-Purpose LED Floodlights

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Case StudiesCase Studies

Case Studies

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