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Thanks to an excellent supply chain, Kellwood Engineering can react quickly to client needs

Engineering Supply Chain Management

Kellwood's customers want the reassurance that their manufactured orders will arrive correct and on time, every time. This requirement quickly taught us that to compete in the quality-driven sub-contract manufacturing market, you must know of the importance of excellent supply chain management.


Seamless Integration into your Supply Chain

There is more to delivering regular mid-high volume orders on time than the simple application of practical skills. To meet delivery deadlines, Kellwood starts by managing all jobs via our production management software. Regular communication with both our customers and suppliers mitigate unforeseen delays. By combining our excellent relationships with couriers, pallet networks, and specialist hauliers we can provide product traceability from the status of raw material, to the confirmation that manufactured goods will be delivered at an allocated delivery time, as requested by our customer.


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Why Kellwood can help

  • Turnkey product delivery
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) production
  • Control via Production Management Software
  • Accountability and Traceability
  • Audited logistics network
  • Multi-volume options from prototypes and one-offs, to large batches




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