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At Kellwood Engineering, laser profiling machines cater for all jobs - large or small

Laser Cutting & Laser Profiling

Kellwood Engineering's laser profiling and laser cutting services are capable of profiling a wide variety of material sizes and types including all grades of aluminium and steel, ensuring complex profiles can be cut with precision, ensuring clean edges and minimum material waste.


Laser, Gas, Plasma and Water Jet Profiling

Most common profiling and cutting requirements can be dealt with in-house giving a cost effective and rapid service. For more complex or specialist requirements, our fully audited supply chain provides additional facilities including gas, plasma and water jet profiling services to ensure we can cover almost any requirement. Typical applications include complex geometries for art & sculpture, precision components for the automotive and oil & gas industries and bespoke items.


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Key Skillsets

  • Laser Profiling
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Gas Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting



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