Kellwood Engineering

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Kellwood Engineering operate in a wide range of business sectors

Kellwood Engineering Sectors

Kellwood Engineering work alongside a wide range of sectors and organisations to provide high quality, client-specific services.


Engineering Services for Art & Sculpture Engineering Services for Art & Sculpture

Art & Sculpture

Engineering services for automotive sectorEngineering services for automotive sector


Engineering Services for the construction industryEngineering Services for the construction industry


Engineering services for factoriesEngineering services for factories

Factories (On Site)

Engineering services for the Nuclear industryEngineering services for the Nuclear industry


Engineering services for the oil & gas sectorEngineering services for the oil & gas sector

Oil & Gas

Engineering services for power transmission sectorEngineering services for power transmission sector

Power Transmission

Engineering services for robotics & automationEngineering services for robotics & automation

Robotics & Automation

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